The Promise: your communications committment

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How will you use communications to build strength in your union? Don't forget to use audience, message and tools, and to plan! Tell us your ideas

Communications makes unions stronger

Making workers all over the world unite under a network isn't just simple as it Is writing me and all of you needs to build that network by hard work on making dreams become true I did comited to communicate in my country and now her i do comite to communicate also internationally.

DHL Trade Union Bahrain

Practical comms!

Great to watch these videos (with a little help from my friends for translation!). It's all about the practical things individuals and groups can be doing to boost their communications and what they can get out of that.

The delegate from Bahrain talks about getting more involved in solidarity and looking outside the region for communication opportunities - that's a really good thing. Regions can learn from each other and share their experiences so others can benefit from them. Looking forward to seeing more from the sessions.