En direct de la conférence

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Points sur la conférence

Said El Hairech reports on Dockers' section discussions

Said El Hairech of the UMT Morocco explains regional objectives towards the ITF Congress in the ITF Dockers Section and looks towards the future.

12 September 2013
ITF regional railway section chair reports

Mohammed Haytoum, General Secretary of the UMT's railway federation and chair of the ITF regional railway section committee explains the main issues coming out of the joint road and railway meeting at the AWRC yesterday. Privatisation and precarious work are impacting on both sectors, he says.

11 September 2013
La promesse : votre engagement pour plus de communication

Comment allez-vous utiliser les moyens de communication pour renforcer votre syndicat ? N’oubliez pas le public, le message et les outils, et préparez un planning ! Envoyez-nous vos idées.

11 September 2013
Audience, message and tool!!

Over 70 arab world unionists shared examples of their union communications. They discussed how to plan strategic communications. Individual commitments and reccomendations were made to the ITF all with the aim of using smarter communications to strengthen their unions and win for workers. Here is Nermin Naji Al Sharif from Libya ports union making her communications commitment. For more in Arabic and French see >> 

10 September 2013

Kalthoum Barakallah, Vice-Présidente du Comité mondial des femmes de l’ITF, et Alison McGarry, Coordinatrice des femmes de l’ITF, font le point sur les résultats de la conférence des femmes du monde arabe.

09 September 2013