Human and Trade Union Rights

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On 16 June 2012, Morocco port leader Said El Hairech was arrested for helping to defend stranded seafarers. He was officially charged with “sabotage and endangering national security”. ITF launched a “Free Said” international campaign that secured his release in 1 October 2012.

Question 1

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Did you participate in the global action to Free Said? Please describe the action you took, what impact this had among ITF Arab World unions and their members. Have you called on the ITF family for solidarity or been involved in a dispute? Tell us about it here.

Question 2

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What can transport worker unions do to push for rights in the Gulf States? Who can apply pressure on the governments of the Gulf State? How can ITF unions position themselves to influence these governments?

Question 3

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The ITF has been intensely engaged in projects to resource and develop unions in the context of changing political systems and new democracies. How can we continue to support the unions in Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Libya – in real and practical terms? How can unions in the region lead global solidarity initiatives when needed?

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We did and we will do it for all workers all over the world

By a statement posted in the company representing said case in terms of showing the employees what you might face on future and you needs solidarity action to be implemented throw serious and quite fast actions and it happened throw international calls from the ITF to represent the case and act for it
Thanks to every worker participated in solidarity actions

Aviation union in Europe

Mahmoud Khairy from the new civil aviation trade unions in Egypt welcomed the ITF support to the new independent unions after the Arab Spring which now organised almost all parts of the industry. They started with 700 members and now have around 1700. The ITF had provided training both about collective bargaining, labour law and about our industry. He reported they are developing a trade union culture with our members and strong dialogue processes with the employers.

Growing strength in Yemen

Saleh Alwani from the Yemen General Transport Workers Union said "now it is time to give the leadership to the youth. However there is no freedom of association in the civil aviation sector. We have strong union committees in the port terminals. DPW is dealing with workers badly, but we forced the government to force the company to improve the situation"

Trade union rights issue in Bahrein

Salman Al Saad DHL union in Bahrain told the conference that trade union rights issues were very acute; "Our union is under attack. and a new law makes it easier to sack workers. We have been asking for there to be protections for employees"