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“Transport workers are fighting back in the Arab World. Workers in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq are building their unions from the bottom up. Maritime worker unions are achieving results, collective bargaining agreements and real and practical cross-border solidarity. Workers in the Gulf States are grappling with trade union rights and freedom; the participation of youth and women workers is also a major focus.

The Arab World regional conference, the biggest and most important event for the ITF family in the region, will look at these achievements and challenges and make recommendations that will be fed into Congress 2014 discussions.  

I am calling on the Arab World family, leaders and activists to participate in building a regional strategy and join the debate here.”

Bilal Malkawi, ITF Arab World regional secretary

What is a regional conference and why is it important?
The ITF holds regional conferences once every four years. These gatherings are where discussions on regional issues and solutions take place and are the largest and most important for ITF affiliates. The outcomes of your discussions will be taken to the ITF Congress 'From Global Crisis to Global Justice, transport workers fighting back' in 2014. At the congress, the ITF family will set the direction and policy for the next four years as well as electing the president, vice-president, general secretary and executive board.

Your regional conference  
The ITF Arab World conference will be held from 8 – 12 September in Amman, Jordan. The conference theme ‘Workers rights – our priority’ reflects key discussions that will take place on the importance of building unions from the bottom up that will secure strong collective bargaining agreements and fight for and defend all workers’ rights. Participants will look at ways to improve the effectiveness of the ITF and its affiliates in preparation for Congress.

Straight from the conference floor
Have your say and find out what issues are being debated and the solutions proposed.
You can:

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